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Endless possibilities

All of your spiritual needs under one roof.

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Spiritual and ritual candles for every occasion.

Surprisingly wide variety of items for every practice. Good quality products at a great price. I can't wait to see my results.”

Maria, San Diego

spiritual baths and washes

“I was on vacation in Key West and I forgot to pack some items for my daily routine. Luckily I was able to find them at Hidden Gems Botanica.”

Kelly, West Palm

start your Spiritual journey today!!

Hidden Gems Botanica is a retail store that sells Mystical, Religious, Occult and Spiritual supplies in addition to folk/alternative Medicine. Weather you practice Santeria, Root-work, Christianity, Catholicism, or any combination we have something for everyone. We offer a wide variety of items such as: herbs, candles, incense, crystals, statues and more. At Hidden Gems Botanica we understand the importance of good quality items and how the quality can affect the outcome of the ritual. We offer the best prices possible south of the mainland.

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